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About Me1

I graduated from Bishop Burton College (University of Hull) in 2004 with a BSc Hons in Applied Animal Behaviour & Training. The 3yr full-time degree course covered all aspects of animal learning, social behaviour, recognised problems and training methods. I enjoy working with all species of animal and during my degree have trained goats and pigs, keen to dispel the myths of farm animals being ‘dumb beasts’!

After graduating, I trained as a veterinary nurse in Reading and started taking behavioural cases on a day-to-day basis alongside my nursing duties. I enjoy helping people understand why their pet has behavioural issues and giving them the confidence and skills to deal with them. I only use kind, motivational methods in my training and will not use nor accept harsh punitive methods. For too long we have been training our animals with brute force and ignorance – ‘do as I say or I’ll hurt you’ an animal should want to do what we ask of it! Anxious or fearful animals do not learn well and making sure the pet is relaxed within the program is essential.

I am a lifetime pet owner; currently ‘Mum’ to an 8 ½ year old black Labrador who is partially sighted and hard of hearing to name but a few health problems! Also my geriatric black and white cat who is nicknamed ‘shadow of the underworld’ at the vets!